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After the global marketing strategy is set, the next step is implementation. WWMarket can help the client to create an effective work plan that follows the implementation strategy and to find a suitable mechanism to monitor the processes and measure the results. If any adjustments or fine tuning are required, these are done in real time.


  • Work plan:

The work plan should include actionable items, allocated resources and a reasonable timeline. Some of the actions may be done in-house and other actions may be outsourced to vendors. Budget estimation should be also a part of the work plan.

  • Implementation:

This is the “money time” phase. At this point, we will follow the global marketing strategy and the work plan to coordinate all actions, factors and resources. Sharing and reporting are crucial at this phase and it should be done on daily, weekly or other constant basis, depending on need.

  • Monitoring:

In order to achieve results, monitoring and measurement are mandatory.  In many cases, real time fine tuning is required. When we catch things that need adjustment quickly, this process will move along efficiently. Knowledge sharing is crucial at this point and should be done frequently. For more details, we invite you to contact us.

Companies need to market their products and services in a professional way, but having a full-time professional marketing manager is very costly. It is important to find balance with this matter so that the marketing aspect of the business runs smoothly without exceeding your budget for marketing.

In the case of young companies with limited budget, we think that it might be better to use a part-time professional marketing manager instead of a full-time manager. If budget is not an issue, your company can choose to hire a full-time professional on an outsourcing basis. When you outsource this position, it saves on overhead costs while still allowing you to get the results you need.

WWMarket offers marketing management services in the following fields:

  • Work plan creation, implementation and monitoring
  • Staff management
  • Vendor selection
  • Vendor management
  • Marketing consultancy
  • Online/offline marketing

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