Consumers are using mobile devices more and more to surf the Internet and use social media. This shift means that small businesses need to start devising a mobile marketing campaign so that they are not missing out on this growing demographic. This type of campaign is relatively simple since the focus is small. A few quick tips will get you started so that you expand your reach.

Set Your Goals

When you are starting out, you must do a little research and familiarize yourself with what people want out of mobile websites and apps. Make note of things like features and overall accessibility. You also need to consider exactly what you want your mobile marketing campaign to accomplish. For example, who exactly do you want to target? Just like other forms of marketing you must identify the demographic that you want to target. People of all ages are using mobile technology, but teenagers and young adults still dominate when it comes to highest number of users.

Launch a Mobile-Friendly Website

Mobile Internet users want websites that behave flawlessly and are perfectly formatted for their mobile operating system. When you launch your website, you must make sure that it is compatible with Android, Apple and Windows mobile Internet systems. Keep in mind that mobile covers both tablets and smartphones and your website should be easy to use and navigate on both types of platforms. Allow users to subscribe to your mobile site via text message by putting and easy-to-use sign-up form right on your mobile site.

Mobile Site Simplicity

Your mobile site will not be as comprehensive as your primary website. You want to narrow down the most important aspects of your main site and turn these into a mobile application. You need the website to load quickly because if it takes more than a couple seconds to load, readers will click back and go to another site. People use mobile Internet because they are in a hurry and want to look at things quickly, so keep this in mind as you are building it.

Text Messaging Campaigns

Just like email marketing campaigns that you do online, you can use text messages to create a campaign. This text message must be worth the reader’s time and it must give them something they can use. Save text campaigns for major events with your company because if you send them out too frequently or if you use them for things that are not important, you risk losing text subscribers. Ideally, one or two very high-quality and informative text messages each month are adequate. A good example of a great text marketing technique is to announce a holiday sale.

Once you get your mobile marketing plan in place, make sure to keep a close eye on how it is shaping up. If you see any deficiencies in your plan, you can quickly make the necessary changes. You also want to be able to quickly adapt as the world of technology changes.